Some say CTOS is a blacklist yet there are those who say it is not. What is it really?

07/09/2011 04:49

Contrary to popular belief, the CTOS system is not a blacklist. The CTOS system is a “lead information system” and not a blacklisting system.

The information presented in CTOS are only meant to be “information leads”.  Credit grantors examine and decide if these leads are of such material nature as to have such a significant impact that a further probe is warranted.

When further probes are necessary, credit grantors check with the relevant parties like the plaintiff, the solicitors or even the subject themselves of the case’s current status, the nature and origin and cause of such actions etc.

Credit grantors then make their own decisions accordingly in compliance to their own business strategies and policies.


Credit grantors the world over place great importance to the age old and proven maxim: " Know Your Customer!"

Credit grantors need information. In Malaysia, CTOS is clearly the preferred choice of these credit grantors for lead information.

CTOS collates factual information into an electronic media for easy, instantaneous, and accurate retrieval.

  1. CTOS Self Check : Do a "CTOS Self Check" and see what information has been collated in CTOS about you.
  2. Record/Settlement Update : If there are cases where you have made settlement but are not reflected in CTOS, you can have them updated by providing the necessary documentary proof. CTOS will insert a remark fo settlement/conclusion after receipt and verification of the proof submitted.
  3. Subject Comments : This is a facility that allows you to 'tell your side of the story'. Please contact us as to how you can do this. This facility is usually used by those who want the enquirer to know more about the cases listed and want to give more explanation to them. Your comments will be also shown to the enquirer upon an enquiry being made on you.
  4. CTOS Self Check is free.
  5. Procedure for doing Self Check :
    For Individual
    1. Download and complete Self Check Form - Individual
    2. Get copy of IC and have form verified by the Commissioner of Oaths
    3. You can come to CTOS office personally to conduct self-check

Download Self Check - Individual

CTOS_self_check_individual.gif (84,5 kB)

For Company

  1. Download Self Check Form - Company
  2. Complete the form and affix Company stamp
  3. Provide IC of Director doing the Self Check
  4. Provide certified copy of company Form 9 and Form 49
  5. Provide Company Authorisation Letter signed by Director to conduct company self-check.

Download Self Check - Company

CTOS_self_check_company.gif (94,6 kB)